Get to know us

IMG_4511Julie – I love being somewhere new, meeting new people, Seeing new places, trying new foods and learning about new cultures.

Hobbies: Walking, getting lost in new places, I enjoy reading a lot, I love Thrillers and dystopia stories.

Best thing about Travelling: The feeling of freedom, knowing we are living our dream. The waking up in a new place each month. Trying new foods, meeting wonderful local people.

The Worse thing about Travelling: Not being able to pack our  friends and family into our suitcases..

Favourite Places so far: I have loved everywhere we have stayed, everywhere in Portugal was amazing, but a piece of our hearts was left in Lagos.  My other favourite place was Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik is so stunning, the walk around the wall I could happily do everyday.

Grant – I’m very fortunate to have a job at a great, and very understanding NZ company, I’ve worked from home for the last 8 years, so when the urge came over us to travel I had a mildly nerve wracking meeting with my Bosses, and thankfully they are allowing me to try working even more remotely (i.e. the other side of the world).

1 year in I’m actually enjoying working through the night till 4am (Kiwi hours, there’s a nocturnal bird joke here somewhere) and then sleeping till midday and having the next 7-8 hours as free time.
Have gotten used to the nomadic lifestyle, all going well we can now live anywhere, just so long as it has a decent internet connection!


Jacob LagosJacob, I am 13 and I was born on the 11th of October, in Walthamstow, London.

I love football, I am a Arsenal Supporter.

Hobbies: include playing FIFA 16, and Fallout 4, I enjoy chatting to my mates online, football and Sleeping.

Best thing about Travelling: I am really enjoying travelling and cant wait to see more. I like seeing new places and going out for dinner.

Worse thing about Travelling – Not having enough opportunities to make new friends.

My favourite place so far: Lagos 


IMG_2164Lucas – I was born in London, St Thomas’s Hospital at 26 weeks premature. I was in a rush to see the world.

My Hobbies/Likes: LEGO, Minecraft, Gang Beasts, KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic), and Turbo Dismount, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Youtube, Age of Empires II, LEGO Worlds, Star Wars Battlefront, Swimming, Snorkling, and I LOVE NATURE!!!!!!, also my favourite animal is a Husky Dog.

Good Things about Traveling: Seeing new and beautiful places, meeting new people, SWIMMING, Hearing new languages, PLANES, ADVENTURING, thinking about what the next place will be like, and what kind of food there will be.

Bad Things about Traveling: Not being able to see my friends in person, and meeting new friends but having to leave once you finally get to know them properly.

My favourite place so far: Lagos because I love the beaches..

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