We may yet embrace video’s but so far prefer still images and the written word, you may one day enjoy listening to our voices on a video, we don’t yet 😛

La Luna 

Below is a clip I put together from still shots of the moon each night, a bonus of staying up through the night to work eh 😉  Full screen it to see it better.

The full moon looks like it has a fairly smooth face but this sequence shows up a lot of the craters on the right hand side of the lit section each time, pretty sure Luna wont be thanking me for highlighting her imperfections.


Earth Shine

This one isn’t a great photo but interesting in that you can see the ‘dark’ bit of the Moon too, that’s because the Sun is coming up and, due to the angle, the Earth is reflecting so much light on the moon that we can see it lit by Earth Shine 🙂

Grant. Alicante, Spain, 2016