On a budget

July 2014 – By Julie Rayner

We are all so excited to be planning this adventure, I have made myself a folder in my Email called `Cheap Accommodation’ and every now and then I spend my entire evening, looking up all different sites for Apartments, hotels, homes, house-sitters, Couchsurfers!!…and search for the cheapest that suits us.

One site I have found lots of awesome places has been AiBNB, although i was looking for a place close to my parents and found what I thought was the perfect place, pretty good value, contacted them`had to wait months for a reply, when the lady finally got back to me she said the price i had was per bedroom..even though it looked clear enough to me that it was for the whole house, so i must admit i’m a little worried that all the good deals that i have found are not going to be so good, but we will be able to review this once we have actually used AirBNB.

* Booked our 1st AirBnB accommodation for Spain from March the 19th to April 19th, we are staying in Estepona, once we are there we will let you know what it’s like and give you all the details and reviews.


I look up flights constantly.  We would love our trip to take us via Brisbane so we can stop in on family and Dubai so we can stop in on friends.

Searching for flights, Accommodation and places to visit is sometimes what gets me through the waiting stage.

Flight Sites I love;-




All Booked

13th Sept 2014

So I did my usual searching around for cheap flights, actually found the cheapest deal on BYOjet.co.nz and flight centre matched the price, we are stopping where we hoped we would, so everything was meant to be…

Brisbane for a week

Dubai for a week

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