When can we go?



The Start of a Dream July 2014 – By Julie Rayner

So for the last 6 years we have been doing up our house!, we did have a break trying to actually save up to finish it off. (oh and two trips back to the UK).

The last two years we have been getting it ready to put on the market, and we can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Carterton was a great place to bring up little kids, now though it’s time to move on. I want the hustle and bustle of life, want adventure, I want more time with my family.

We used to talk a lot about what our dream place to live looked like…mine was somewhere warm all year, cobbled little alley ways, with plenty of cafe’s/restaurants and close to a beach with crystal clear waters, didn’t think I was asking much!!!!

My dream place would look something like this, with a beach down the road 🙂
This beach would do!


In the end we decided why not travel, take an adventure, see whats out there.

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