Orihuela Costa

5th August to 2nd September 2016

To be totally honest we really didn’t give the Orihuela Costa a fair chance, we basically took a month off and relaxed, which wasn’t a bad plan, we had a pool at the apartment and relaxing for the month was probably needed.

My sister and her hubby had booked flights to come and see us in the next place so we concentrated on schooling the boys and getting up to date and even a little ahead as we had promised them that we would let them take that time off.

Also we had just paid for our years travel insurance and decided staying in would be wise..we did though meet a lovely family from just outside Chester in the UK and spent a lot of time socialising around the pool, on our last week we did all mention that we should have socialised more in the evening as that is the one part of our travelling that we all really miss, hopefully we will all keep in touch via Facebook and maybe even head to Chester one day for a visit.

There was a football field literally a few minutes walk away that Jacob went to every evening when the sun calmed down, he played with a French boy for the 1st couple of weeks, then pretty much kicked the ball around by himself the rest of the time..

We did go for a few long walks, we walked to the Zenia Boulevard Mall, which is a lovely Mall, worth taking a look, it’s all outside, pretty sure the shops do well just because you have to jump inside any one of them to escape the heat..

We walked to Punta Prima beach, which was quite small, crowded and full of seaweed, but this was probably due to the ocean getting stired up, I’m sure at another time it could be really beautiful, we would have loved to have had a car to really explore the area and visit some other beaches, we found the walk to the beach just a little too far in the heat.

I would have loved to have visited this beach I found on google images for Orihuela Costa..


The Apartment Pool

The Pool was great fun, it also had a small kiddie pool..We spent a lot of time just messing about in the pool and chatting to the wonderful family that we had met.  There were families from all over, but I would say Mainly Spanish and English..

The Apartment View

The Nautilus

We did walk down to this Restaurant a few times during the day and stop for a refreshing drink, the setting was really peaceful and lovely looking over the rocks into the sea..

A day trip to Torrevieja

 Airbnb Apartment

dsc03151Airbnb Apartment – Orihuela Costa

Our Apartment had everything you need, it was up a spiral staircase on the 4th floor which did make me slightly dizzy going up for the first few days, plus dragging all our luggage was a bit of a challenge..

The apartment had 3 bedrooms, 1 being on the solarium, which was up another flight of stairs..and it had 1 bathroom, the back laundry room and the master bedroom had a view of the pool.

We did enjoy our stay here, mainly for the pool and meeting some great friends..

Cost for 28 nights – $1360 NZD