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What I got up to in the New Zealand Christmas Holidays 2016/2017

Welcome back everyone!


In our holidays we headed back to England from Spain to spend Christmas with our family, we all stayed with my auntie and had a very lazy Christmas as Christmas’s usually go, Me and My dad also got sick during the Christmas day period so we woke up to open our presents on Christmas day then went back to bed to sleep the day away and completely missed Christmas dinner at my Nana’s.

Arsenal vs West Brom

I managed to get up early and go to the Arsenal match at the Emirates on boxing day (I wouldn’t miss it if i had a few hours to live) The match started off going worse than we had hoped, we had shots off all over the place but nothing seemed to matter their goalkeeper looked unstoppable, the half time score was 0-0, which was incredibly disappointing seeing as Arsenal were only facing the small team of West Brom who looked to try and hold out this draw to win a point. thankfully Arsenal’s star man Oliver Giroud came off the bench with about 10 minutes to go and was looking to score in his 6th consecutive game.

To everyone’s delight at the 88th minute out of the 90 a lovely cross was put into the box by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as he has done so many times before this season and Oliver Giroud sliced his head through the ball gliding it into the left side of the goal, a unsavable one for the keeper who looked like he had everything covered until then, West Brom started playing pressing and more urgent play realising they were going to get something or nothing out of this match if they didnt put in a attacking shift soon, but their weak attack was nothing vs our strong attack and we held it out comfortably with the match ending in 1-0.

New Years and Arsenal vs Crystal Palace

As new years started approaching my mum made it very clear that even though i had tickets to the arsenal palace match on new years day i would not be going because the family has set up a second Christmas due to lots of family members being missing (Including us) I was not very into this idea but we went to this Christmas party anyways while the match was playing, had the classic early Christmas dinner and the match started at 4 and i was glued to my phone from then on just waiting from the 0’s on the live score chart to change, Arsenal needed a result this match after all of our rivals at the top got 3 points extremely comfortably (Including our rivals Tottenham winning 1-4 at Watford,) after about 18 minutes my uncle yelled out during some board game that arsenal had scored and we all watched the goal of the season on his phone, Oliver Giroud had so much support on Arsenals counter attack with Xhaka and Iwobi running up, our inter play was beautiful and palace didnt know what to do, the ball found Sanchez on the left flank and he glided in a wonderful cross to the back of Girouds boot from the scorpion kick as the ball hit the crossbar of the goal and flung in. Now I am not the sort of person to be proper sad to have missed a game, but watching the goal of the season liked that just in front of where my assigned seat was, did make me a little sad, after that Arsenal controlled possession and had a few more shots on goal until half time.

The second half included a lot more of the same but in the 56th minute my favourite player Alex Iwobi headed the ball into the goal from a tight angle, it wasn’t the best goal but a goal all in all that was very well played by the then nineteen year old, the game ended as a well wrapped up 2-0 and it was a good game despite me only seeing highlights on match of the day and my uncles iPhone.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLsgWOFVaKQ (The Giroud Scorpion Goal)

South Tenerife

It was only a few days after that we headed back to Spain in Tenerife, and the apartment we were at was beautiful, and so was the weather, i managed to find a football park i visited daily and played with all the locals and it was a lot of fun, there was also a stadium that was free to sit in and watch, there was a team called Marinos that played every Saturday or Sunday and also the woman’s team and the youth teams, all these matches were always fun to watch and it was cool talking to the kids who supported the team. I got really sick for the last two weeks of our stay in the south of Tenerife though which was kind of sad (My immune system is terrible)

North Tenerife

We then moved to the north of Tenerife which is where we are now, and we have the most beautiful apartment and view as you have probably seen in the “my desk and view” thread, there isn’t a amazingly great football pitch but its alright and as long as i can play its fine

Tenerife CD vs Elche CF

On the second day we were here we went to the Tenerife vs Elche match, This was my first ever la liga match and my first ever other proper match visit that wasn’t Arsenal and I was excited, we had a walk round Santa Cruz before the game at 4pm, and we watched Chelsea vs Arsenal and lets just say I don’t wanna talk about it. We bought tickets to go in the stadium along with two nice Tenerife scarfs and then we headed on in, the atmosphere was quite patchy which was odd, sections of the stadium would have hundreds of people crammed in chanting and making lots of noise while other sections had one or two people, it was a big two story stadium which is quite good for a second division club. As the game started the play was very cagey and possession was extremely back and fourth with no one doing brilliant, the ball was in the midfield for extremely big portions of the game, Elche had a few dangerous breaks but Tenerife had a brilliant goalkeeper who made some great stops, but just as the half looked to be closing up Tenerife went on a dangerous break and struck the ball right at the elche goalkeeper, thankfully the goalkeeper didn’t get his hands right around the ball and it went back to Tenerife striker Amath who stroked the ball into the net with a calm composed finish.

After half time the game really got interesting, with a lot of 2 footed tackles with a red card and 3 yellows early into the match bringing elche down to 10 men against 11 and you couldn’t see them bringing it back now, Amath had some top class play with his link up with his team mates and runs down the flank. Tenerife were controlling the game superbly and decided to play it back to the defence to open up some more options, they played it into the midfield and he touched it onto Amath who with some wonderful skill got passed the defender and ran up the right side, his blistering pace meant none of the defenders were near to catching him and in a flash he was at the top right corner, he turned in well beating another defender to get into the box, (the defence looked puff and well beaten at this point) he slowly walked towards the keeper just getting his angle to shoot and carved the ball right into the top left corner from the far right side of the box, it was a excellent goal with precision and curve, we saw it well as we were sitting near the right side of the box. After that the game looked well over despite elche desperately pushing forward similar to west brom in the Arsenal match, I think if Elche played like they did in the last 20 minutes for the whole 2nd half it would have been extremely close, but thankfully the goalkeeper saved Tenerife a few times over and Amath walked away from the match with a couple of goals, as the game finished 2-0.

The last couple days

There was 3 days left before we started school and I spent them sleeping a lot, talking to my friends in New Zealand and playing football as the sun goes down, it is good to be back at school and I can’t wait to hear what you guys have done!