Sept 2014

I’m sure everyone feels the same as me? but holiday’s why do we feel so much more relaxed on holiday than we do during your normal everyday life..just because that’s what you do on holiday..but why can’t we always feel like that? that’s why we all love holiday’s right, because we can finally let our hair down?

Again i’m sure i’m not the only one out there but i want to live my life on holiday, i don’t want luxury, I don’t need much, totally realised how little we do need, i just want to feel free, free from worrying about our mortgage, free from worrying whether my boys are learning enough at school, worried i’m not spending enough quality time with my family, worried i’m worried all the time!, worried I’m going to get to the end and wish so much i had done what i have always talked about, see the world..learn more about history and geography, doing it will make it all a whole lot more interesting.

Showing my boys whats out there…that’s why i want it to be a long term thing, even if that long term is just a year, possibly 2 years maybe more! I just want the freedom to decide.

We are so lucky now-a-days, lots of jobs can be done online…if your work is mostly on a computer, then you can pretty much work from anywhere…why not, we only get one life, lets make the most of it, lets do what makes us happy.

Work shouldn’t actually stop us from being happy, from living our lives, work shouldn’t be a trap it should just allow us to live our dreams

We are so close to starting our dream life, bring it on…

I know that for a few years I want to be closer to my family in the UK so I can spend some time with them, so I can build up a relationship with all the new littlies..have them come visit us easily when we are travelling Europe.

Let’s  see how we go, follow us on our journey. 🙂


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