I grew up just outside London, worked in London from the age of 15 to 28.  Always loved London but never as much as I love it now, seeing it as a tourist through new fresh eyes..

London during the day is filled with tourists hurriedly getting to one of the many museums, historical sites, Theatre’s, Cafe’s, Restaurants, there is so much to see, I Miss London and feel a little sad that i didn’t appreciate it to it’s full potential when i actually lived there, but I guess I wasn’t a tourist I was one of the rat race heading to work and no where when going to work is that inviting…we did get to appreciate life after work….

London at night was always / is my fav, it oozes atmosphere & colour, it’s filled with life, filled with a huge buzz of excitement it’s like an Adventure for your senses, the loud chitter chatter of people everywhere, the smells of the beer coming out the doors of the London pubs, smells of roadside kababs and hotdogs, mixed with the mouthwatering smells of the Asian food restaurants, you could never really get bored in London.  Leicester Square  and Piccadilly circus alone is filled with a mass of bright lights from the billboards, it’s a hustle bustle of fun.

Southbank has enough to keep you busy all day…watching the boats & cruises along the Thames, the street entertainers the whole way along Southbank to suit just about anyone and everyone, it’s always lined with people chatting, watching, enjoying London at it’s best, the queues for the London eye filling out across the street, and on the other side of the Thames you can view the amazing Big Ben and Westminster.

The London Eye, Tower Bridge…Big Ben,’s all just a tip of what London has to offer.

London Photo Gallery


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