Albanian Flag has to be the coolest Flag

So overall we were not huge fans of Albania, don’t get me wrong, we loved it at times, our meal with our hosts and the Castle in Shkoder `wonderful memories there, the cake shop in Tirana (divine) and the restaurants in each place were really good, the fact that you could eat out for around 20pounds for all of us was incredible.

I wasn’t fond of the dogs, it made me sad for them, half of them looked in pain and even though I love Dogs I’m actually a bit scared of them and there were a lot, I felt on edge everytime one walked by me, especially when they had fights with each other next to me..

I don’t think we saw the best of Albania, but out of the three places we did visit my pick would be Shkoder, when we come back I want to head south to Barat and Sarande, maybe we will come up through Greece next time.

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