Accumulating Stuff

August 2014

Why do we all feel the need to own so much stuff, it’s only when you start a huge clean up do you realise just how much stuff you own that you don’t actually use.

I have never been into keeping up with the Jones’es, we have had a 32inch TV forever and never felt the need to upgrade, our furniture is not the nicest and i always thought it was because we have children, but now they are 11 and 10 i realise that wasn’t it at all, it’s that we don’t need anything more!.

I am still bad don’t get me wrong, if there is 50% off children’s clothes, i will go and get more T shirts to fill up their drawers, but they don’t need them.

Now i am going through everything and putting most of it on Trademe (New Zealand version of EBay), hoping that it will help with paying off things like the Plumber, the Electrician, Rangehood etc..well at least help a little bit.

All of this makes me realise there is an awful lot that we end up with that doesn’t necessarily make us happy, by that i even mean a house, and i’m not saying everyone feels/should feel that way, but i certainly feel that way, owning a house for me just feels like a trap..i’m not sure I ever want to own one in the future, but if we do it doesn’t need to be much and i want at least 5 years not owning one, I want to feel free to move around…Nothing holding us back.

But Clothes, I have so many Clothes that I still can’t throw away and yet most of them I never wear, whether it’s because i used to love them when i was a lot thinner and hope one day will fit back in to them or they are perfectly fine and not that old but they don’t suit me…i really can’t wait to lob the lot and just keep a few things that I do wear, do love and that are practical. (I will take a few going out clothes with me that I will leave with one of my sisters).

Toys..the only thing we are going to keep in storage is Lego..our boys every Birthday, every Christmas been given lego sets we have so much lego and I will always keep that, I tell the Boys we will keep it so they can pass down to their own kids.



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