By Julie Rayner – 2/2/2015

Greece has to be my fav place I have ever been to so far..there is something so beautiful about Greece, I’m not sure if it’s the atmosphere at the local taverna’s as the sun is setting, watching reflections on the water, listening to people chatting and laughing or joining in with the Greek dancing, the smiles from the local people, the old locals playing TAVLI – Greece’s national board game, or drinking the ouzo, it could be the beaches, the warmth, the blue of the skies that you seem to only get in Greece, I’m not 100% sure, but my from my 1st Greek Island holiday in Rhodes I have been hooked.

Islands I have been lucky to visit;-

Rhodes – Think I was about 19 when I went to Rhodes, I remember it so well, I went with 3 friends, Rhodes has a lot to offer, the place that stuck in my mind the most was the old town. I would loved to go back to Rhodes again, infact I want to travel all of the Greek Islands

Skiathos – Had a holiday here with a friend who i have since lost touch with, one of those friends I really wish I could find again, this holiday was so much fun, we met heaps of really awesome people, went to Banana beach during the day and partied at night, we did take a Day trip to Athens which was exceptionally Hot but totally incredible, need to see take my boys to Athens.  We also had day trips to Scopelos, Alonissos)

Thasos – Went to Thasos with an ex boyfriend, it was a very pretty island.

Corfu (Kavos) – Which was probably the only time I wasn’t totally impressed, but it was one of those book and you don’t know where you are going holidays, when we arrived it was just club, pub, club, pub `the whole way along…but we still did have a great girls holiday and did do a few day trips to actually see some of Corfu.

Symi – Grant and I went to Symi before we had the boys, and when we arrived i was blown away, it was the prettiest place, when we got shown our apartment, we went into what seemed like the storage cupboard and up the spiral staircase, we were a bit worried about what our accommodation was going to be but we were very pleasantly surprised we had a huge gorgeous room but best of all we had the biggest balcony, we basically had the whole roof (360 views)…one night we pulled the mattress from the bed and slept under the stars.

Symi holds so many special memories for us, a very small island with so much to offer.  I remember the Sky being so dark blue and the weather being the most comfortable heat, the marina was stunning and the little buildings in the hills were adorable.  I loved Symi, I loved the Taverna’s…We will so be back

Zante – 2003 – Visited Zante with my Dad, 3 sisters and our 11 month old Jacob.  We had a wonderful holiday here, the beach wasn’t my fav but was nice enough, the area we were in was a bit quite but it didn’t worry us, we still had a great time, I took my 3 younger sisters to a party on the beach one night, that was really cute, watching them eye up all the boys 🙂 We did a boat trip to the must see Smugglers Cove, touristy maybe, but I was majorly taken with this view, we did play on the beach and swim in the milky blue water..(Milky because of the surrounding White Cliffs).

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