August 2014 – By Julie Rayner

At this stage we only have an idea what we will be taking, but the one thing we do want is to keep it relatively light..when we were coming back from the UK via China, we had so much, it was crazy.

Grant and I will still use our backpacks that we always use, I got mine way back in 1994, it’s only small but it normally can hold everything I need.

We will buy the boys backpacks and they will carry their own stuff.


January 2015

We ended up with so many bags it was silly, we got to Hamilton in NZ and decided to buy a cheap roller suitcase to put all the little bags into, thought it might make things easer, to be honest it did make things heaps easier but really did we need to bring it all, probably not, but when you are properly leaving a place, you become a bit of a over protective of your we were thinking don’t want to have to go shopping until the house does sell so we should bring everything that prevents us from doing that…even though i am Soooo looking forward to dumping most of my clothes and re inventing me, hopefully by the time the July sales come around the house will be gone and we’ll have a bit of extra money to spend on us.

So in the end we all had a day pack, we had both mine and Grant’s backpack, Grant’s golf clubs inside huge bag that was filled to breaking point with clothes and we had the biggest roller suitcase ever..So light we didn’t do.

When we travel Europe I am hoping that will be different, we will basically just bring summer clothes and maybe a rain Jacket and one warm cardi, so in theory we should be able to achieve the travelling light dream.  I will keep you posted 🙂

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