16th Dec for 1 night

We only had one night in Bari, we arrived into our apartment at around 1pm, dropped all our luggage off and went to explore.  We loved the old town of Bari, it brought back lots of memories from our trip from many years ago…

Bari has plenty of Christmas decorations up with some spectacular tree’s…

There were lots of nativity set up’s around the old town, some of which were really amazing, the boys are fascinated by these, I know they would love a similar set up with roman figures to arrange themselves.

Streets of Bari during Christmas

Cobblestone Ruins

This really did fascinate us all, it was an old piece of cobblestone found that was built at the start of the 17th Century, the most fascinating piece was a track which was so prominent from the old wheels of a cart. It made your mind blow at how old this was and made you picture the scene…

Chocolate Star Pandoro

Signor Pomodoro Restaurant

Palazzo Fizzarotti Building

Airbnb Accommodation


Airbnb Bari – The location of the apartment was pretty good, the apartment itself was probably a little nicer in the photos than in reality, but saying that it was still good, had a fair bit of room with 3 bedrooms.  To me it was just that it was strangely set up..

We were only here for one night and for that we appreciated the flexibility of the host and the apartments location.

Cost $122 NZD per night