December 2015

A common misconception is that we’re on holiday, we don’t tend to post photo’s of us working (we work nights in our apartment, not very photogenic) and so the pictures and descriptions of each place we stay look and read like a holiday. But we actually work pretty normal jobs 5 days a week like almost everybody else on the planet.

We both work for the same company Modica Group Ltd. massive shout out to Modica as none of this is possible without them, they have always supported working from home, the company and it’s systems are built around working from and selling to anywhere, some staff prefer to work in the offices but at any time about half the team are working from home.Thanks to the company’s prioritising a balanced lifestyle for it’s staff Grant was able to be at home for almost all of our boys’ childhood .

Grant does sales and I work part time in Accounts for 4 hours a day, both jobs we can do anywhere as long as we have a laptop and the Internet, so it is vital that wherever we stay we have access to the Internet.

Grant starts work from 8 to 9pm getting to bed around 4 to 5am and getting up at 12.00 or 1pm (depending on time zones and daylight savings etc, see Rayner Time Zone) while I will work from 8pm until mid-night and get up with the boys around 8am and help with correspondence schooling until midday, we all have lunch then have the day to ourselves..

We have now been doing this for over a year and are enjoying it, it would be hard to go back to living in one place, in fact we already have travel and accommodation booked and (mostly) paid for for the next 6 months.

We have done the last year on the equivalent of a single NZ Average wage, as I was only doing 2.5 hours a day until recently and we were still paying our Mortgage and associated house bills in NZ as well, but the house finally sold in July and I now do 4 hours a day so the next year should be a lot easier, that said we intend to stay very close to the same budget and actually put some money away.

My favourite quote `Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life’

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