When we were planning our trip down the Coast from Croatia, we were keen to see as much as we could, I must admit I didn’t do an awful lot of research, as our main reason to get to Durres in Albania was to catch the ferry to Bari Italy, I wanted to make our journeys as easy as I could, with as little travel time, we like to do our travelling day on a Friday if we can because that is our 1st evening off work so means that when we get somewhere new we can go out to dinner and relax for the evening.

We picked Ulcinj as it was close to the Albanian boarder, I did a tiny bit of research and it looked like a really historical  old town, I do wish now that I had looked into Montenegro more as I feel that by not stopping in Kotor as well as Ulcinj we have missed a gem, I keep reading lately that Kotor is the number one destination, a must see, as always we will be back and anything that we missed we can see next time.

We would love to go back and say Hi to Nermin and Nersit as they were really awesome guys, we will also have to go back and have a fish dinner in the Sandara restaurant.

Daily Tourist tax (Montenegro)

Registration of tourists’ stay with the police is responsibility of accommodation providers, not tourists.

You basically have to pay a daily tax in Montenegro, it is not much at all, but do make sure it has been paid because they can check when you leave, for the 4 of us for 11 days it was around 17 Euros.

Important & Emergency Numbers