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Lucas’s Certificate for work in 2016


Lucas’s would you rather Question

My question is:

Would you rather go way back in time to meet your ancestors OR go way into the future and meet your great grandchildren?

What I got up to in the New Zealand Christmas Holidays 2016/2017

In a month its going to be my birthday and I’m very excited!!, I am going to Loro Parque (which is a park at the next place we will be staying in) we are doing 3 months in Tenerife, a month in each place, I don’t know what else I’m going to do for my Birthday yet…

I’m going to get some Lego and maybe some Steam games as well lol.

Right now we are in Bocacangrejo in Tenerife (One of the Canary islands) and I went to my first proper football match to watch Tenerife play against a team called Elche 😀

The score was 2 – 0 and I think it was pretty fun 😀 there were looaads of people outside when we were going into the stadium, also when we left and we were walking back to the taxi stand there were still people with the same football clothes as the stadium walking around, I guess it should be expected as there were loads of people in the stadium…it was a good experience.

My Christmas was on New Years day, on the proper Christmas day my Dad and Brother were sick so we celebrated Christmas on New Years, we were always going to have two Christmas’s as one of my Aunties was away for Christmas day and wanted to celebrate with us all when she got back, so we were lucky and had two Christmas dinners, it was really cool lol

On Christmas morning I got to open my presents, I got a Cardboard VR headset (Cardboard is a VR company, I did not get a piece of proper cardboard for Christmas lol)

I also got a Camera, a Lego Tie Fighter and a Lego helicopter, and a lot of chocolate because me and my Brother aways get chocolate for Christmas lol.

Carrot Cake in El Medano Tenerife

Carnival in Tenerife and the Burial of the Sardine
Lucas Rayner posted 02 March, 2017

The Burial of the Sardine is one part of the Carnival which happens on Ash Wednesday in Santa Cruz (a city in the Canary Islands).

The reason why they celebrate the burial of a sardine is because it symbolises the end of the Carnival and the start of lent (lent is a religious celebration that begins on Ash Wednesday *the start of the season of lent* and ends six weeks later)

At the carnival there are men dressed as women and people in other costumes (when me and my family were sitting down eating ice cream we saw 4 people dressed up as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach xD)

Everyone follows The sardine to the end, sniffling, weeping and crying (pretending to anyway), it was really funny watching them all pretending to sob while hugging each other and watching all the people sniffling into their handkerchiefs xD

At the end people burned the sardine

Sadly we didn’t get to see the sardine burning because it was already 1.30AM and the sardine was going to take a long time to get to the end so we left, hopng to catch that bit on TV

I think the whole carnival was fantastic and would want to go another time.

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