Science Museum

Sunday 25th Jan 2015

We all headed into London after a night out with friends, wasn’t the best start to the day, I lay in bed the night before thinking i’ll send Grant off with the boys, thought i would get up send them on their way and I would go back to bed, but once up I thought I want to go…I took a few headache tablets, drank loads of water and felt pretty fine…left here at 9am

We were meeting one of Jacob’s friends from Carterton, him and his brother are over in London for 3 weeks staying with their grand-parents.

We met up with them around 11am inside the Museum..straight away headed for level 3 the hands on area, we have been to the Science Museum every time we have been to London, it to me is one of the most Educational Museums, one where they are learning and having fun at the same time, this particular trip i think they had the most fun, probably because they had friends with them, they ran off and kept themselves entertained, working out the challenges, building bridges, and reading info on all sorts of experiments.

IMG_0756 IMG_0763







The boys all wanted to do the Flight Simulator, and had lots of fun in there (Would have made my stomach turn), it was funny watching them.

This was a cost of 12 Pounds per Capsule.


Lastly we watched a talk called `Stronger by Design’..the demonstrator Dwayne was very good, he got all the kids fully involved, he was a very charismatic person, so even had the adults engaged.  He talked about Bridges, Suspension Bridges, Arch Bridges and how they worked.

He got an Adult up on Stage `Grant :)..the boys thought this was brilliant fun, he put Grant into a pretend Sandwich, made of wood bread and foam cheese and lettuce, then got a Hammer and showed how if he hit in the middle, Grant felt no pain.. as the force from the hammer was spread out through the wood and foam over Grant’s body meaning even a really hard hit with the hammer was like a very light tap across his whole body.


At the end he got the kids to sit on a chair made of Nails again showing if you sit on 1 nail it would hurt, but a whole chair made of them didn’t..


IMG_0786 IMG_0788







We had a great day, the boys loved catching up with their friends.  Afterwards we did try going into the Natural History Museum but it was very busy and the queue to get into the Dinosaur bit was far too long and the boys feet were hurting..I did try persuading everyone to head into Covent Garden or anywhere, mainly to make the most of the cost of actually getting into London but i was out numbered and we all headed home.  Jake and I treated ourselves to take out, I had Chinese and Jacob had Indian…was a nice finish to a great day…and after food and a bit of a rest i was in need of some decent sleep.

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