Isle of Wight

The 1st trip with the boys to the Isle of wight was in 2011. We went over on the hovercraft, Lucas thought that was awesome, and we stayed with my sis and her partner in Ryde, we took in most of the tourist sites..we loved Ryde the most, the beach was gorgeous, sometimes you just get a really good feeling about a place and Ryde was like that for me.

We got a bus pass and went to visit Shanklin and The Needles, we were going to take the boys to Black Gang Chime, but we missed the bus from Ventnor and just spent the day in Ventnor instead, which was very pretty…we actually stopped in a Church grounds and watched a bride having her photos taken.

Our 2nd trip to the isle of Wight was for my sisters Wedding, we flew straight from New Zealand to Heathrow and got straight on the coach to Portsmouth, a very long and exceptionally tiring trip.  We stopped travelling and spent the night in Portsmount, the next day we went Wedding clothes shopping, and the boys just loved that `NOT…..

Got to the Isle of Wight on the Sat and the Wedding was on the Bank holiday Monday.

The Wedding was in the adorable Shanklin, we stayed in a lovely hotel  with the rest of my family where we were all treated to Cream Tea on arrival (Scones with cream and Jam with a pot of English Breakfast Tea).

The weather was dubious on the Sat, the Sunday was dry and the Monday was Stunning, everything was perfect, my sister looked amazingly beautiful.

After the big day we took another trip to the Needles, but Gondolier wasn’t working which was a bit disappointing, we walked down the few steps :/ have to get down onto the beach and see the coloured sand hills, we did a boat trip this time, which was interesting but Jacob felt sick, poor thing.

We actually did a lot of sitting around chatting on this trip, the weather did pack out a bit and plus when you get family together it’s nice to actually spend that quality time with each other…

We are wanting to go back again when we start our travels, the Isle of Wight is very pretty and there is so much to see.

Isle of Wight Gallery

Laura and Daniel
AAwww too cute









The Isle of Wight


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