Croatia was stunning, but the main reason we headed there was because Grant can only be in the Schengen area countries for 3 months then he has to be out for 90 days before being allowed back in, I do wish that we didn’t have to apply by these rules but we do and in a way I am glad, because of these rules we do get to visit countries that we may not have visited otherwise.

When I started looking up Croatia, I couldn’t have been more excited, everywhere looked amazing, at the time of looking we couldn’t find a cheap enough accommodation to stay in Split for a month, so looked further on and found a lovely place in Omis, I left two days free so we could arrive into Split and did eventually find somewhere, 2 nights in Split was not long enough but we did make sure that we saw as much as we could in those 2 days, we will come back to Croatia, there are a few islands on the list for next time.

Omis River
Kastela Stari

Emergency numbers for Croatia

Visa Requirements for Croatia


You can catch the number 60 bus from Omis to Split, stopping in Podstrana.


Useful Croatian Words

Hi  – Bok (pronounced Bog in Podstrana)

Goodbye – Doviđenja

Good-day – dobar dan (pronounced doba dan)

Good-Evening – dobra večer

Good-Morning – dobro jutro

Thank you – Hvala

Please – Molim

No Problem – nema problema