Canary Islands

July 2013

So we decided a 2 week side trip from London to Gran Canaria would break up our time staying at my mums place, didn’t want to get under everyone’s feet for too long, as it turned out it all worked perfectly, but the trip was booked and we were excited about taking the Boys to Spain.

We arrived on a Friday and our luggage didn’t arrive until the Monday!, so day 1 we went shopping , not really the plan, but we had this brilliant plan of putting everything, mine, Kids and Grants clothes all in the one backpack…so we had nothing, undies (apart from what we were wearing) no swim wear, no sun cream, toothbrushes..nothing. so we went in search for shops..never would have realized how hard it would be to buy undies for the boys!..but it was near impossible, later that day after buying a few bits at the local markets, we were told about a shopping centre and after phoning the insurance and being told if our bags didn’t arrive the next day we would be covered…we planned our second day of shopping. This time we did get everything, they had a Zara, kids clothes were awesome…done and sorted and in the afternoon we hit the beach..

Wow the sand dunes were so incredible, it was a pretty awesome beach…the boys loved playing in the Waves, Jacob wanted to be out there all day and night!!

Mainly spent our time at the beach, Monday my sister was arriving to join us for a week.

Loved Gran Caneria, loved the whole feel of a holiday holiday, the gorgeous warm weather with a slight breeze, just perfect. The place we were staying at was only about a 10 /15 min walk away. The beach front was lined with café’s and restaurants (pretty much all selling the same food), but it was all yum.

This holiday was what it was meant to be `totally relaxing. I booked the flight and Accommodation separately

Flights we went through Norwegien Air

Where we stayed – We payed 45 Euro per day. Price incl. all costs (taxes, TV, safe and final cleaning)

Gran Canaria Photo Gallery



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