On the 5th Dec we got the overnight ferry from Durres in Albania to Bari, which was really good, the journey nice and smooth.

We got into Bari and headed straight to Ostuni, there is a lot to see, so many beautiful day trips, we kind of wanted to do them all and at the same time just wanted to enjoy Ostuni, we did pick out one day trip, we were really keen on seeing Alberobello, it looked stunning but in the end we literally just spent our days relaxing where we were.

We loved Ostuni, we were in awe everytime we stepped from our house.

Ostuni is a magical romantic city, known as Italy’s White City.  You actually couldn’t get more beautiful.

We will be back and maybe next time we will stay in one of the other towns.

We did spend one night in Bari and then from there we flew to Malta for Christmas, we had a wonderful month in Malta and on the 15th Jan we got the ferry from Valletta to Pozzallo for one month in Ragusa Sicily, where we visited the wonderful Modica and then two weeks in Palermo Sicily.

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Ragusa Ibla


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