Evening Visit

We first visited Mdina after a day in Valletta, so we arrived quite late and as we walked through the gates and admired everything in darkness, we already knew that we had to come back again during the day..

We found a lovely cafe to sit and have a hot drink and a treat and admire some more the views, afterwards we popped into a Church that had the most amazing nativity display, it was truly incredible, the boys were in awe of all the little figures and the way the were all set up so perfectly.

Day Visit

What a magnificent place, if in Malta this is certainly something you can not miss out on, the history is in abundance, the buildings are beautiful, the views are stunning…

The Knights of Malta

Whilst here you should visit one of the museums or watch a film, we watched a 35 minute film on the history of Mdina which to me is a great way to get boys to take an interest in the history, afterwards they asked lots of questions, Jacob especially has a real interest in history.