One crazy week trip to UK and London Dungeon.

25th August to the 2nd Sept 2015

Do I miss my friends and family – That would be a HUGE yes..I miss both friends and family from UK and New Zealand..So when we had our up and coming trip to the UK we were all very excited.

My Best Friends Wedding.

Lizzy and I have been friends since we were 21, we met at work and we spent almost every day at work laughing, becoming best of friends, we drank many Cocktails, clubbed, pubbed and danced, we were great at our silly dancing and our `Sexy Dancing’…:D

Here are some photos from my hen do, my wedding, my leaving do for my year trip to Australia and when we caught up a few times we were back in the UK.

Despite the fact that we don’t see each other much, traveling Oz for a year, living in NZ for 9 years and now travelling Europe, Lizzy will always be my closest friend, I love her to bits, so nothing was going to prevent me from being at her wedding.  The day was amazing, Liz looked beautiful of course, most of all Liz looked happy and why not she was marrying Lee, what a charismatic awesome guy he is.

Congratulations to my bestest friend and her wonderful man.

I am so hoping they both come out and visit us somewhere, drink cocktails, dance and have great and silly conversations, I miss them both.

Family time

Caught up lots with my sisters Sarah and Lisa as they were just around the corner, because we didn’t have a kitchen in the hotel we actually ate with Sarah almost every night.

We had a family meal booked, which was hectic as always, but wonderful, I miss my family loads, it is always nice to get pretty much everyone together …a great way to all catch up..a fun, manic, food fest with the cutest most adorable littlies…it was a gorgeous catch up, who was there;- Mum, sister Claire and hubby Michael, sister Laura and hubby Daniel, sister Lisa with Amber and Sophs, sister Sarah with little Effie, my sister Karen, Hubby Paul and little Emily, and my brother Lee and his partner Lex and their littlie Maggie.

I did also meet up with my dad after the meal with my sis Laura, he took us birthday pressie shopping, we had a little look around the shops but we mainly wanted to sit down and properly have a good chat, so we found a cafe and had  a good catch up over a cuppa and caught up again with dad for lunch before we headed to London Dungeons

IMG_1932 1
Me and my Dad
London Dungeons

Jacob was disappointed that he wasn’t going to be in London for his 13th Birthday, so I asked him if we were here what would he want to do and he said London Dungeons, so ok is August and his Birthday isn’t until October but I said we will have an early Birthday day out then….

We went up to London on the first day of everyone else going back to school, thought this was a good option, it was also our last day, we were flying to Croatia the next day..

We found a 2 for 1 online deal, booked our tickets for 4pm, in oder to get this price we had to buy National rail Tickets rather than use our Oyster cards, only to get there and them not even ask to see our train tickets, so that was rather annoying, we spent 39pounds on our family travel card…

We got there quite fast and asked if we could go in early, and that was fine…so off we went with the large group following an actor into the dungeons, it was dark….we all had to wait in lines to get into our little boat ride where we got told about lots of ugly and spooky London stories, I think it would have been cool if there were a few jump scares on the boat.

The actors were brilliant, fully got into character, I loved their passion, it was engaging and interesting, there was a lot of audience participation, I loved watching Jacobs face, he thought this was awesome, I love when he properly gets into something, it’s really nice to watch, Lucas loved it too but was maybe a fraction too scared to fully get into it..

We had stories on Sweeney Todd, Guy Fawkes, Jack the Ripper and more, all the the stories were told really well and each had there fair share of jump scares and jokes etc…

At the end we went into the judges room to all be told our fate, hanging for us all I think…they got Grant up in the box and had a bit of a laugh with him being a Kiwi, a few sheep jokes…

To be hung we did the drop ride, Lucas was too scared to do this so he and Grant sat out, me and Jake sat there pulled the bar over our heads the floor folded up and we dropped, it was good fun, certainly made us laugh, and freak out…all the responses expected in `The London Dungeons’ .

We loved it….different from when I was a child and the dungeons were in London Bridge, not so much of the walking around and actually seeing the old torture equipment used, I think there could still be a bit of that at the end, that would be nice…but all in all a fantastic afternoon out.

Afterwards we had a bit of a walk down the Southbank, my favourite part of London, took a few photos like you do :)…

Being in London always makes me feel so proud, it is the most beautiful city to me, I used to take it all for granted but not any more, every time I’m there I try and really appreciate it.

Read Jacob’s review on London Dungeons


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