We did it…

I couldn’t sit around in our House any longer, selling a house is so stressful especially when you really feel the your life is on hold, so despite it not selling we left anyway.  Not totally ideal because until it sells we are throwing money down the drain, but at least this way we are trying to live the Dream, I guess it proves if we can do it with no money we’ll certainly have no trouble when the house has sold and we do have a bit of money and the best bit was we got to spend Christmas and New Year’s with all my wonderful family.

Still got lots to organise and when i think that the house still hasn’t sold it does get me down, but most of the time i try not thinking about it, it is easier to do not actually being there…

Needed to sort out Dr’s and Dentist for Lucas.  Also need to get the boys English passports, going to organise that this week, will be relieved when they come back.

We are here in Romford until 19th March then we have booked the next part of our adventure, we are heading to Estepona in Spain for a month, booked accommodation through AirBnB.

Decided that we will head south of Spain from Estepona and back up the west coast through Portugal, then want to head to Santiago de Compostela.

Very happy that we did take the risk of leaving before our house sold…Now that we have a sorted some important bits out, hoping to get on with this blog..we have lots to write about..

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