2 thoughts on “Lagos 2016

  1. Mario Rui Andrade July 25, 2016 / 2:55 pm

    Hi Julie , Grant , Jacob and Lucas
    Welcome back to Portugal .
    We have follow you around your travel.
    We keep good memories about you .
    Till when are staying in Lagos ?
    At moment i have my brother Philip Andrade , having holidays there in Lagos , they live in Sctoland .
    We are going to Algarve from 15 to 30 August to Vale de Lobo , if you still there
    we will have much pleasure to meet you there .
    Our best regards to all Family
    Mario Rui Andrade

  2. nomadsnz July 25, 2016 / 5:26 pm

    How lovely to hear from you Mario, Hope you are all well?

    Our original plans was to travel all the way up from Lagos to Porto, stopping on the way in different locations, but we were unable to find affordable apartments, I think we had left to to late to book, so we had to change our plans and headed from Lagos, to Seville to Alicante, which is where we are now from here we just slowly head down the coast until the end of Sept. A shame though because we would have loved to have caught up with you and your wonderful family, but we will be back to Porto at some point and will definitely catch up with you then.

    Your apartment, your family and Porto hold special memories for us.

    Take Care and Enjoy your holiday in August

    Julie, Grant, Jacob and Lucas X 🙂

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