Gibraltar By Julie

By Julie Rayner

Well what did i think of Gibraltar?

As we walked across the airport border, and into Gibraltar at 1st I didn’t get a great feel of the place, especially after being in the very pretty white washed Spanish village of Estepona, but once through the Tunnel and into the bustling main street, and square filled with cafe’s, music playing, bouncy castles for the little’ns, it felt fun and alive, I wasn’t sure I totally liked that we were not now in Spain, it was pretty clear all around it was British with Mothercare, TopShop,Bhs etc and it’s many British fish and chip places…but for a day trip I liked it a lot.  I wish we had a bit of money to spend in some of those shops, would have loved to have had a bit of a look around TopShop.

The bus tour is not something we normally opt for but with the short amount of time we had until our film started, we thought it was our best option if we wanted to see everything.

Me and Lucas loved the Apes the most, they were adorable, could have quite easily slipped a baby Ape into my backpack and raised it as our 3rd child, probably would fit right in 🙂

The Caves were amazing, wouldn’t mind seeing what a concert would be like inside, pretty spectacular I would Opera would be pretty cool.

The Siege Tunnels were educational, and although the boys didn’t read every piece of info, I think they learnt a lot, they certainly had fun, mainly playing with their shadows…

The film `Insurgent’ was the main reason for this trip today although we would have always done a day trip to Gibraltar.  The film was worth waiting for, we have all read all the Divergent books and loved them.

A great trip, I was happy with one day, not sure I would like to stay longer, but if I lived close I would certainly go over to shop, and visit the Apes again…

Cost for the day 

Bus = Euros 18.00 each way for 4

Tour Bus = 120.00 for all 4

Lunch =  40.00

Treats = 10.00

Cinema = 35.00

Total = 241 Euros

Was an expensive day…

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